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Khan Academy

A frontpage article on reddit.com today introduced me to Khan Academy. According to some of the comments on that reddit article, Mr. Khan’s teaching style is excellent. I can’t wait to try out his site.

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E-Flite Blade MCP X Review

Over Thanksgiving, I broke the tail boom on my new MCP X heli, so I hardly got to fly it. I never got to take it to an open space, a requirement due to my novice skill level. It’s all fixed up now and we took i to the park yesterday (Sunday).

At first, it was pretty difficult. Not sure why, but at one point I found that the vertical swashplate guide was out of its groove. Perhaps it had been that way all day.

Anyway, I really got the hang of it and totally love it.

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iPhone 4S Hopes

My hopes for my as yet undelivered iPhone 4S are that

  • It will become my casual camera of choice (requires awesome photos, great fill flash and instant Camera app startup)
  • It will become a bit more of a personal assistant (due to Siri) than my 3G S is. Requires that Siri runs fast enough over my EDGE internet.
  • It will be super fast.
  • It will be worth the $908 I spent for it.

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Alright, with my new MiFi 2200, I believe I’ll be pretty satisfied staying with T-Mobile and buying a factory-unlocked iPhone 4S. Here goes. It’ll arrive around Christmas or New Years.

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$4.99 per month? Seriously?

I’ve been evaluating a Virgin Mobile USA LG Optimus Slider Android 2.3 (that’s Gingerbread) smartphone. Seriously thinking about dumping my iPhone 3G S and prepaid T-Mobile service (1500 minutes/texts + 30MB internet/mo. for $30 + tax) just because I want to have internet anywhere and a decent driving GPS in my phone. But it’s a hard sell, since Android is such a shabby experience overall and the iPhone offers such a refined experience. I will say, however, that this phone has gotten me the closest overall to sticking with Android.

In my case, it’s all about the plan. Unfortunately, I can’t ignore that it’s also about the device.

So today, in desperation, I started searching with Google for something like iphone prepaid plan or some such terms. Then I decided to check out the Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200. I found one on Amazon for $69 and ordered it immediately. Their current best plan for me is $20/mo. for 500MB. I dig it. I currently use up my 30MB of T-Mobile data about three days before my account renews for the month. This has happened two or three times now (not consecutively).

Somehow my Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200 search landed me on TruConnect.com. What a surprise. They offer nothing for $4.99/mo. but 3.9 cents per MB. I did the math. For me to reach 500MB, it’s cost me about $25 and that’s including the $4.99 monthly fee. I’m so in. I canceled my Virgin Mobile MiFi Amazon order and ordered the same device from TruConnect for $10 more, $79.99.

I cant wait to see if it’s any good.

Friday, 9 December 2011update: The MiFi 2200 arrived last night in the mail. Ooh. I set it up this morning at the office. I installed some SpeedTest app on my iPHone 3G S and it said I’m getting:


Download Max: 10,642kbit/s

Download Avg: 10,642kbit/s

Upload Max: 810kbit/s

Upload Avg: 803kbit/s

That’s 1.33 megabytes/s upload. I can live with that for this price. Hopefully, I’ll see speeds like that elsewhere and that I won’t get spoiled and want more speed.

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