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Roller Derby

Ivan invited us to a roller derby last night. The wife couldn’t make it, but I went with our daughter.

I was wondering if it’d be like roller derbies I see in movies, such as the recent one with Ellen Paige, Whip It. (Had to look up that title.) Well, for better or worse, it was like roller derbies portrayed in cinema.

My daughter had a hot dog, played a lot of skee-ball and got to go to bed a little late. She had a good time.

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My Canon S95 camera is still the bee’s knees. I Love it. I bring it everywhere in my small Timbuk2 messenger bag, protected by its little Olympus neoprene case.

Its color rendition is phenomenal and it takes excellent video. It’s still not for taking photographs of moving targets, such as my daughter. I have my Nikon D90 for that.

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Swimming Lessons

Our daughter started swimming lessons yesterday, Tuesday, 23 August 2011 at the Long Center in Clearwater, FL. She loved it! And she did very well.

The teacher is going to see about bumping her from level 1 to a level 2 class (pending availability) as he said she’s already ready for that. The last month of taking her in the pool every other day has resulted in her being very comfortable in the water. She can already swim across the pool (width-wise) by herself and also swims underwater most of the time. Before we moved to this house with a pool, she was still super clingy when in the water, even with a flotation suit on. Her teacher, Wayne, seems very nice.

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XYDO Brief

From a DaringFireball.net ad, I’m going to try out XYDO Brief, which is supposed to deliver me news daily that I’ll be interested in. I linked it to my Twitter and Google Reader accounts. Worth a try. No password used for signup, which I like.

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This weekend, I thought I’d go see if Virgin Mobile has a new, larger-screened Android phone than their excellent but small LG Optimus V. They do! A Motorola Triumph, for $300. Not bad.

My iPhone 3G S on T-Mobile is still running fine ($30+tax per month for 1500 text/minutes and 30MB internet), but it’s nice to have a decent Android fallback just in case. I would surely like my voicemail messages to be transcribed by Google Voice again, something prohibited by my T-Mobile account (no voicemail forwarding allowed).

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22 August 2011 10:57: I’m so excited that she’s in kindergarten this very moment. I took my daughter to school this morning, for her first day as a kindergartner. She was so sweet and nervous. So beautiful.

She told her mother she was worried she would cry.

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Data Loss

I lost some pictures last night. From 20110222-0814. I think I got them all back. Here’s the story.

At the office, I had moved the files from my Nikon D90’s 8GB Kingston SD card to my new MacBook Air. That went fine. Lots of pics. It had been far too long since I’d processed the pictures on this card.

First mistake: Moving them from the SD card instead of copying from the SD card and then renaming the directory on the SD card until I’d made lots of copies of the image files.

Last night, around 9pm, I was moving those pictures from my MacBook Air to my external hard drive, where I store my pictures, using ForkLift (which I love).

Second mistake: Moving instead of copying and renaming the directory on my MacBook Air until I’d made another copy or two of the image files.

Something was funky with Forklift. It wasn’t throwing an error but the source directory wasn’t disappearing and neither were its files. I restarted ForkLift, happened again. Tried with another folder, happened again. Files were getting copied instead of moved. Could it be permissions on my new MacBook Pro, which I had recently transferred settings and files to from my MacBook Pro via Apple’s Migration Assistant? Rebooted, problem happened again. So somewhere in here, I probably did an undo or two or a delete. Who knows. But suddenly I found myself with two identical folders, one of the Mac, one on the external drive, each with one crappy locked JPG in them and no other files. Uh oh. This is where I started to turn white. Undo didn’t handle. No redo was available. I was screwed.

I wound up recovering the files using my MacBook Pro, Parallels Desktop and a free tool named Pandora Recovery. It found no deleted JPGs to recover on the SD card, but its surface scan recovered a whole lot. Lost filenames and modification dates, but the EXIF data includes the picture taken date, so I can restore modification dates.

Many older pics were also restored. I’ll use Directory Opus to compare all the recovered images to existing images to weed out the majority of unnecessary files, at least that’s the plan.

Next, I found Exiftool (spelling?) by Phil Harvey. Wow! Just wow. What a neat tool. I used the following command to successfully change all 3500 JPG files’ modification dates to that of the photographed date in each picture’s EXIF data. This is the command:

exiftool ‘-DateTimeOriginal>FileModifyDate’ .

A non-free tool, exiffile (part of ExifUtils) also works, but I’ll take the functional free version, ExifTool in this case.


  • Don’t let pictures sit on the camera so long. Get them duplicated fast.
  • Don’t delete images from SD card until they’re in two or three other places.
  • Don’t move files — copy, then rename directory of originals, keeping it around a while.

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