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Apple TV

My Apple TV arrived last week, Friday morning. I set it up that night. Man, this thing is small. And just the ability to stream music from my MacBook Pro over wifi is worth the $100 I paid for this wonderful little device.

I would prefer it if the remote had a raised wheel on it so I could scrub backward through Netflix streaming movies more accurately.

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TV Stand

It’s amazing how a nice piece of furniture can turn a shithole into a sanctuary. What my new, black TV stand has taught me is that a room is reduced to its lowest common denominator. That’s quite an interior design revelation for me.

Well, gotta get some new speakers then. =)

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The Air Yesterday

Going outside after work last night, the weather was amazing. The air was cool and fresh. It changed my whole view of life. I checked back and I reported the same thing last year on the exact same date, albeit in the morning then and in the evening now. Seems like 30 September is this sweet transition day for this area of Florida.

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