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Kindle 3

A new Kindle was announced today. I’m going to follow through on my original plan to return the wife’s Kindle 2, then get one of these. Pre-ordered a graphite model to ship on 27 August 2010.

I’m hoping this one is faster at rendering webpages than the Kindle 2. It has a new, WebKit-based browser, which I’m excited about. Small dimensions with the same-sized 6“ screen, one-month (vs. 10-day) battery life, higher contrast screen. But, perhaps best of all, it seems to have a better directional pad than the joystick on the Kindle 2, which I felt was the low point of the Kindle 2.

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A Good Weekend

Had a decent weekend. Installed a new Samsung HDD in my MacBook Pro, caught up the mirror backup of my MyBook mirror, sent back about five RMAs, including my Series 3 HD TiVo, got the TiVo HD XL installed and working, my daughter painted, caught a date movie Sunday afternoon thanks to our daughter spending a few hours with her grandmother, took delivery on our new mattress and actually slept on it. Daughter slept in her own (quite awesome) bed without incident.

It was a good weekend.

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Might be the Toyota Starlet.

I’d love a new, air-cooled Beetle though. It’s probably the real king.

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We took delivery yesterday of our Stearns & Foster Berkeley Square King Plush Firm Tight Top mattress. It was a Demo unit, saving us $300 off a new one, but costing us 7 of an otherwise 10-year warranty. We thought it was an okay trade-off as my understanding of mattress warranties is that the companies do their level best to invalidate them.

We bought it at Mattress Giant in Tarpon Springs two weeks ago. With the clearance Simmons foundations (and free delivery), it all came to about $960.

The mattress arrived looking pristine. The tag said it was manufactured in, get ready for this, May 2010. That’s two months ago! I was very concerned it would be more than two years old and was prepared to refuse delivery if it was. But two months old? I am very excited.

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I submitted a replacement request on goincase.com for my iPhone Clip Case for iPhone 3G S on 30 June. I still hadn’t heard back as of today so I called.

After a brief hold (maybe three minutes), I reached “Linda”. Linda was great. She suggested I try a different model

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Will It Blend?

I’ll let you know, curious reader. It arrived today: my Blendtec Total Blender in Black.

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The Hitachi 320GB 7200RPM 2.5“ hard drive I installed in my MacBook Pro on 9 April 2009 is running great, albeit hot. But it’s not big enough for my needs. And that 7200 revolutions per minute makes some serious heat! My MBP temperature right now — with a fan blowing at its back and its internal fans forced to the max of 6000RPM by smcFanControl — is 160 degrees. An Apple tech once told me this Mac was supposed to top out at 145 degrees and I found that to be generally true before upgrading to this Hitachi 7200RPM drive about a year ago.

So I’m going back to a 5400 RPM drive with next drive upgrade. Someone someplace online said something nice about Samsung drives running cool so I looked into it. I settled on the Samsung Spinpoint M7E HM501II 500GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5” SATA 3.0Gb/s drive from NewEgg for $64.99 + $1 S/H.

My Hitachi drive has served me faithfully for over a year now but I want something bigger and cooler.

18 July 2010 Update: I installed the drive yesterday. I re-used the instructions from iFixit that helped me with my Hitachi drive install a year ago. My thanks to the iFixit guys.

First thing I noticed while doing the data restore: This drive is cold.

After restoring my data from my SuperDuper!-created sparsebundle, I couldn’t get it to boot from the internal Samsung. Tried fixing permissions with the Disk Utility on the Snow Leopard DVD. Didn’t handle it, the Startup Disk utility still said it couldn’t bless the drive. Scary.

So, screw it, I created a new partition, erasing the old one and started a restore again last night right before going to bed. Today, I went right into the Startup Disk utility and it happily blessed the drive. Whew!

The Mac is running right now at 136 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s about 20 less degrees than I’m used to. And since the fans don’t have to chug so hard to cool this new drive, the machine just seems so quiet. I love it.

I sincerely hope that this Samsung drive gives me years of error-free service. Just in case, I’ll endeavor to keep good backups.

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