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Wii Negro

I took a bicycle ride today. Felt great! Then I took my daughter for a walk around the neighborhood. That was lovely, especially with her sporting the new buzz cut we gave her last night. It’s so great to watch her run, play and take the world in.

Walking home, I decided to get a Wii. Told the wife, she unblinkingly responded in the affirmative. She’s good like that.

Turns out they have a black Wii. Nice. Ordered for $199.99 from Amazon.com. Came with a $30 promotional coupon for Amazon’s Video Game Store so I’ll get the new Super Mario Bros. for Wii when the coupon posts to my account.

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I realized the other day, on the drive home from work, that I extract great pleasure from describing things.

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I don’t want this to just be a blog about everything I buy. I’m working on it.

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