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I went to the Apple Store in International Plaza today with a stuck key (/?) in my 2.16GHz MacBook Pro. The very helpful Genius Bar Genius ordered cleaned around my old key, ordered me a new keyboard and also ordered me a new top case panel as this one wore away the finish under my hand. Two before him had declined to replace the top case panel, saying it was cosmetic. I’d say it was a defect as the use I gave it was very reasonable. Anyway, that’s a super boring story for another time, or never.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting a belt clip case for my iPhone 3G S like the gorgeous one for my wife’s BlackBerry Pearl Flip. So I grabbed about seven possible candidate cases and checked them out. For me, the clear winner was the $34.99 InCase Clip Case for iPhone 3G S. It’s the same rubber case that is usually $30 by itself — too much for just the rubber case. But this variation comes with a nice rotating belt clip that also operates as a stand. Very nice.

This went on my phone immediately, replacing my Agent 18 Eco-Slider, which is in perfect condition but doesn’t have a belt clip. Nice case, by the way, if you want a slider. Turns out sliders aren’t for me.


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iPad Printing

Apple announced the iPad two days ago.

iPad users are going to want a printing solution. I know I am. There’s no way Apple doesn’t know this. For example, what will content creators using iWork for iPad going to want to do as soon as they finish making a doc or spreadsheet? No question that it has come up. And I’m hopeful about the chance of Apple making this possible.

Why isn’t anyone asking about iPad printing yet? I expect the question will get very big, very fast at some point — certainly when people get them home and use them but probably earlier.

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Popcorn with olive oil!

I’m allergic to cow milk products. I love them but they make me congested. I can eat something with a little butter on it and have a runny nose in minutes.

The thing I probably miss the most is butter on my popcorn. I like air-popped white Jolly Time popcorn. And I’ve been eating it dry for awhile since Smart Balance tastes horrible on it.

Yesterday, preparing to go see Avatar in IMAX 3D, I remembered that I used to use olive oil in place of butter on something. I’m thinking it was grilled garlic shrimp cooked in the oven.

So I tried it on my air-popped white Jolly Time popcorn. It was great! And I avoided the adverse reaction I’d have if I used butter.

Jolly Time white popcorn
Extra virgin olive oil
Table salt (I’d love to try a more gourmet sea salt next.)

Pop the corn.
Put some olive oil in a big bowl.
Put some salt in the olive oil.
Mix it up. I used my finger.
Put a small amount of popcorn in the bowl. Mix it around. (I did it this way so I could really get the salty oil on the corn. There’s no reason you couldn’t just mix the salt in the oil and pour it over the corn, which I did later for the corn I actually brought to the movie.

You could also put the oil on the corn and then salt the corn. But I thought this would ensure more even salt distribution relative to the oil (oil with no salt doesn’t seem as yummy as butter without salt) and I thought it’d be less messy.

I googled this this morning and found that this guy’s family has been doing this for a long time. But they cook the corn in the olive oil, which is not my thing:


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Short version: No power. Disappointed.
Long version:

This past Saturday, I packed the family in the van and drove to Orlando to look at a 2007 Yamaha Vino 125 scooter with 1800 miles on it. I was excited. I’ve been interested in scooters since I was young and rode one for about twenty seconds down an alley.

I occasionally check Craigslist for scooters but hadn’t picked a model to focus on until recently, when I discovered the gorgeous Honda Metropolitan (49cc). I wanted a gray one. Bad. But I realized its top speed of about 35mph was going to annoy me. Honda’s next step up in cc’s doesn’t have that classic Euro-styling so I wasn’t interested. The next best thing in a larger size is the Yamaha Vino 125.

Back to my test ride.

I took this thing out on the suburban roads in the seller’s nice neighborhood. Good roads for this; curvy, some topography and few cars. I got it up to about 35 — it tops out around 55 — and opened up the throttle. And — nothing. The little thing continued on its original acceleration curve and I noticed nothing different. I was going to have to get it out on some straightaways to get it up to 55mph. And I didn’t have a helmet nor eye protection. But it was just disappointing. If I as going 35 and needed to get out of someone’s way, it was going to be by steering, not by any jolt of power.

Disappointed, I returned it to its owner and got back in the family van. No Vinos for me. I’m still interested in small, two-wheeled transportation but a scooter such as this isn’t going to replace my Honda F4i for now as a fun commuter ride.

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