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That’s a big number.

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Frequently, while working on it, I’m reminded that I’m still in love with my almost-two-years-old MacBook Pro. It’s just still so fast. Checking old posts… holy cow, I bought it on 20 July 2007. That’s two years!

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Last night I saw that the dev-team had released ultrasn0w 0.9 18 hours earlier. So I upgraded via Cydia from ultrasn0w 0.8 while brushing my daughter’s teeth last night. Success! This seems to have fixed the problem I had with 0.8 where switching between cellular and wifi usage (by leaving a wifi area and entering an area with no wifi, required me to “kick” the antenna a bit. What I would do is quickly turn Airplane mode on then back off. This would get it working.

My initial test of this in 0.9 this morning was successful. Looks like ultrasn0w 0.9 fixed it. Awesome! Time to cancel my AT&T contract.

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iPhone 3G S

Went to International Plaza with Oscar and Spencer and bought my 32GB Black iPhone 3G S. Went smooth but took two hours, of course.

Then last night the Dev-Team announced the release of updated versions of their 3G S jailbreak (redsn0w) and unlock (ultrasn0w). (Previously, the unlock was very manual and for serious users only so I was waiting for something mainstream and hopefully already in use by many users and thus would have any kinks worked out.)

To ensure I’d always be able to unlock my firmware, I followed their linked-to instructions from iClarify.com on how to save my personalized and signed dfu/img3 files (two files). According to the article linked to in the previous paragraph, “As long as you have your personalized (signed) dfu/img3 files, you’ll always be able to jailbreak (even if you slip up and install stock Apple firmware in the future).” I don’t know how they’d be used but I went and acquired them and saved them. I’m even planning to commit them to SVN.

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