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Today I bit the eighty-dollar bullet and bought OmniFocus 1.5. I re-watched their screencast and it really was [apparently] just the most comfortable way for me to make lists.

I’ll get the iPod touch client sooner or later.

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VMware Fusion 2

There was a three-day MacUpdate Promo for Parallels Desktop 4 recently. That brought me back to the subject of whether I should upgrade from Parallels Desktop 3, which I use every single day. The upgrade options I would consider are VMware Fusion 2 and Parallels Desktop 4. Sun has some offering, but I’m not seriously considering it. Maybe next time I upgrade I’ll give it a try. I don’t mind paying a little money for a super user experience and blazing speed.

The reviews I read on Parallels Desktop this time, especially Amazon.com user reviews, turned me off of it. Their reports of problems with 4 but no problems with 3 really resonated with me, a happy Parallels Desktop 3 user myself.

So I bought VMware Fusion 2.0 from Amazon.com. There’s a rebate going but Amazon is not listed as a qualifying vendor. However, I priced all the qualifying vendors listed on VMware’s site. Every single one had the same price: $69. And VMware themselves were ten bucks more — for a download! I get a box from the other vendors but VMware had the gall to charge me more for less. So I LM for my VMware sales rep. No reply for days. I called back, talked to a guy who said he’s relay this to my sales rep. No one got back to me.

Screw it, I decided to buy from Amazon.com. Their price was lower than the other guys ($54 the day I bought) and there’s no bullshit and no shipping charges since I have Amazon Prime prepaid second-day shipping. Also, it’s easier to buy from Amazon than the other guys because Amazon’s purchase line is so good and I’m already set up for a quick purchase.

In the end, I calculated that buying from Amazon would cost me $12 more than buying from the guys with the rebate and including eight dollars shipping from one of those vendors. And no rebate hassle with Amazon — just a fair price today.

So I got my VMware box in the mail from Amazon and it had a blue sticker on the box that read, “$30 Crossgrade Rebate; Details Inside; Expires 6/30/09; ALA31045159”. That’s the best of both worlds! Thank you, Amazon! That means Amazon not only had the best purchase experience but also the lowest final price. Wow.

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Took my wife to Citrus Cycle Center today to fit her for an HJC CL-15 motorcycle helmet. That didn’t go great. She got a better fit from a medium KBC TL-8. But I had to do my due diligence on that model so we didn’t buy it.

But they did have a smoking hot deal on black/orange First Gear Earl leather motorcycle jackets: $99. Whoah. I bought one (XXL) and I’m glad I did. Great fit, finish and price! I’m really impressed with this jacket. I’d be impressed even if it were twice as much, though it’s unlikely I would have bought it at that rate.

I’m looking forward to using it tomorrow when I ride into town.

There’s a small backstory to the jackets. On the way to the dealership, we saw two riders on the road with these jackets. My wife remarked how great the jackets looked (including fit/cut) and I agreed. Just gorgeous jackets. I even tried to get a closer look at the light but she was turning the wrong way. One of the guys was on a Repsol 600RR Honda (lots of orange in there) so it was an especially good fit with his bike. But it’s a generally attractive jacket for any bike.

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iPhone multitouch
Driving directions
Great OSX sync for address and calendar
Unlimited data (Internet)
Internet cheap — $20/month or less
Tethering allowed by carrier and easy to set up and use
Cheap phone minutes — 100 minutes per month or so. Or at least competitive rates for 300 or 450 minutes, unlike AT&T’s current rate of $40 for 450 anytime minutes, which is robbery. (They throw in 5,000 nights and weekend minutes here, which I consider a mere token gesture.)

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Trying to get our daughter to chill out about something, my wife recently expressed to her something starting with, “I’ve been really cool with you…”

That got me thinking. I hope she’ll forgive me for taking her statement out of context, because I expect (at least hope) she’ll agree with me when I say that being cool is not a parental goal of mine.

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The following is my longstanding firm policy in the event someone asks me for any kind of contact information about another. I’ve written it as instructions to make it easily reusable:

1. Tell the requester that you don’t give out others’ personal information without permission, including the requester’s own personal information.
2. Tell the requester you are willing to attempt to tell the person that the requester wishes to reach them and to give them the requester’s contact information. Be clear that you are not delivering any specific message beyond the requester’s desire to reach the person and perhaps, at your discretion, the general reason for the desired contact.
3. If the requester wants to do this, then
        a. Get the requester’s contact info.
        b. Inform the requester that you will not provide him a confirmation that you successfully delivered the message and that you will not be providing a return message. This is a one-way, blind street with zero feedback always. You are not a two-way messenger but are in fact just doing the requester — and possibly the other person — a favor.
4. When delivering the requester’s contact information, be clear that you’re not interested in whether the person is going to contact the requester. That is most assuredly not your business.

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My wife has a Sansa Clip 2GB player. Windows Media Player 11 doesn’t seem to like AAC (.m4a) files, which is not a surprise. If I need to rip a CD for her, it’s a hassle. So I’m going back to MP3 imports in iTunes.

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