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All I can say is Wow. This thing is such a pleasure to use. Nikon really outdid themselves. Right off the bat, the following things are worth the upgrade:

  1. Higher-res LCD
  2. Bigger LCD
  3. Moving around on LCD gets fast sooner than on D200.
  4. Ability to set Auto-ISO above 1600!
  5. Easier to read text in menus and more descriptive names in menus
  6. Sharper (at least with Sharpness cranked up) than D200 ever was.

So far I’ve only shot it with my 50mm f/1.8 Nikkor lens.

4 October 2011 update: I’ve had my D90 body for almost three years. For me, for a digital body, that’s a long time. And I’m still very happy with it. Noticed some dust on the mirror for the first time the other day. The rubber under my right thumb position has come unglued, but whatever. I’d really like an FX body to get wider shots with my 50mm f/1.4 and to get maximum low-light picture quality, but the D700 is

  • Expensive; and
  • Large; and
  • Liable to be improved upon in the next year or so.

For my needs, my D90 still beats every other Nikon body I’ve owned. Namely, D40, D70, D80, D200. I suspect the Fuji X100 would challenge it for my affections.

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I’m tired of the soft photos from the D200, even with sharpening cranked up to the max. The pics out of SWL’s D40 last weekend had more sharpness and pop. Great color. Screw it. I put my D200 up on eBay, renewed my expired Craigslist listing and moved it from ocala.craigslist.org to tampa.craigslist.org. I want the hot color of at least the D40 and the dynamic range (ADR) of the D300. That’s the D90.

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UPS just dropped off my 50mm lens. I used to own one of these and sold it for $90. Should have kept it. Since I haven’t sold my 35mm f/2 yet, I ordered a UV filter just now.

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This emailed article which I received today inspired me to do this. These guys are doing something that really makes sense and I support all most or all of the campaigns of theirs that I’ve read.

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I’m sick of waiting for the flash to recycle taking pictures with my 18-70mm Nikkor indoors. We lost so many pictures at a recent Christmas party at Eugenio’s house this way. So I just ordered a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AF D from Amazon for $109.99. I used to own one but sold it for $90 after I had my fun playing with it (manual focus only) on my D40.

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iPod touch arrived.

My iPod touch arrived about ten minutes ago. I expected it after 6pm tonight as that’s when UPS usually delivers here. So this was a pleasant surprise.

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Helibars arrived.

My F4i Helibars came USPS today — from the U.K. Yay!

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