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This afternoon, I took my daughter to her first in-cinema movie, Wall-E. We had a very nice time. She had her little popcorn-in-a-box with her little (huge) Coke and finished it all.

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I almost ran over an aligator on my motorcycle last night. Riding back on Ozello Trail after dark, the 3.5′ long gator cut in front of me and raced across the road, its legs pinwheels. It was very cute. I missed the end of its tail by about two inches.

A little ways down the same road, the was a frog leaping down the road toward me. I felt like a log in Frogger.

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D200, suddenly

I saw a D200 on craigslist yesterday for $800. Looked like a good deal. I contacted the guy. Nice guy. Said he’d be in town (Ocala) the next day — Saturday, today — around 5pm. So I sold my very new D80 last night on eBay with a one-day auction. It sold today and I went and got the D200. The D200 is fantastic so far. Totally pristine. He’d had it a year and a half and said he bought it from someone else. So I’ll assume it’s about two years old. I’m stoked.

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VPN, suddenly

We’re in C.R. now. The VPN back to the office hasn’t been working. I talked to two people at Bright House and they both confirmed that they don’t block any ports. They weren’t helpful. And today, unexpectedly, I was able to connect to the VPN. Nice! I hope it stays working. And it connects faster than it did from Holiday.

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