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RANT: The goldfish on my desk.
Date: 2004-02-18, 3:36PM EST

I’ve got a goldfish which lives in a bowl on my desk. It sits about two feet away from me. I feed it flakes everyday.

Just now, the damned thing took a shit, turned around, and ate it. I know I read somewhere that goldfish have a memory span of 3 seconds, but for real, you can’t remember taking a crap a millesecond before turning around and registering it as food?

Oh, god. He just did it again. He belongs in a toilet.

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I bought my MacBook Pro perhaps a year ago now. While Leopard has been disappointing (terrible upgrade experience with the well-known ownership problem and not infrequent enough total hangups) my overall experience vs. Windows is wonderful. I’m very at home and, well, content. Tons of truly excellent software available. This year’s MacUpdate Promo and MacHeist bundles are great. I use DVDRemaster Pro from the MUPromo about once a day average. I use Typinator (which I’d already bought, unfortunately) tons of times every day. I already owned Parallels (got another copy in the MUPromo) but I got it for $9 after rebates (which I did receive) with my MBP purchase. SuperDuper is simply great. Quicksilver is indomitable. iStat menus and MenuCalendarClock are just right.

Hardware-wise, my Kensington Expert Mouse is the best darned pointing device I’ve ever owned or used.

Hell, even Cover Flow in the Finder is pretty good. I don’t use it much but Path Finder is very nice. If it had an Address bar, I’d use it more. And if it could merge folders, look out.

1Password is actually pretty good. NeoOffice is not bad.

I’d like something like BeyondCompare for comparing directories full of files.

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First ride was Saturday, six days ago. Small ride to the dealership, about 13.5 miles each way. Bought that jacket that day. Okay ride, kept it under 6,000RPM with a blip up to 7.5 once. It was fine.

Second ride today. Put maybe 20 more miles on it, which is nothing but I’m not used to it and it was hot so it was enough for me.

Since I’ve now read the manual and found that previous owner did the 300-mile oil change and the bike is now out of the break-in period, I got on it a little.

Compared with my 2001 R6 (sold years ago) this was a little scary. The R6’s power didn’t scare me, though its cornering consistently did. With this Honda, the cornering is very natural and un-scary but the power is something else entirely than the R6. Probably has something to do with the sprocket tooth difference from stock done by previous owner (-1/+2).

I’m getting better at handling the bike when it’s not under power, maneuvering it onto my porch, etc.

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Today is Friday. I went to start my F4i Wednesday to take it to the Tax Collector’s office to apply for title, register it and pay that $500 or so in taxes and such.

It wouldn’t start. It about half turned over on the first try and then just clicking thereafter. Turns out the previous owner kept it on a Battery Tender Jr. all the time and the fella at the dealership that helps me said that’s liable to hurt the battery’s ability to hold a charge.

I bought a Battery Tender Jr. (12V 0.75A) the next day and charged the bike overnight. Today went to the Tax Collector’s office and did the things I intended. It went fine.

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I bought a Joe Rocket Ballistic (XL) for, IIRC, $169 in about 2002 for use with my R6. It was too hot for me in Florida summer riding. I cooked in traffic in it once and was down for about a week. And I wasn’t happy with the fit — the elbow pads were too far from my elbow, a problem that I couldn’t’ handle since the jacket wasn’t adjustable in the arms.

Yesterday, Saturday, I went to my local  Honda dealer to shop for a tank bag. I instead came home with a Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0 (Large) for $115 plus they threw in a black bungee net. So I’d call that $105 for the jacket. Then it occurred to me to sell the old one. I put it on Craigslist. I sold it today to a nice Hayabusa rider named Danny for $75. Good deals all around.

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F4i delivery pics

Here it is coming off the truck.

F4i coming off the truck

And here’s the gorgeous aftermarket tripleclamp.

Gorgeous tripleclamp

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