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Reading my morning tech news, I came across this YC article from news.ycombinator.com. That led me to a list of recently launched YC startups. I signed up for RescueTime, hoping to see where I spend my time and thus help me economize on needless action.

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Here is a comparison of the Nikon digital cameras I’ve owned. My wife had a 3MP or so point and shoot Nikon Coolpix 3200. It’s not included. Comparison includes D40, D70, D80 and Coolpix 800.

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When photographing my CRT television last night, I saw a consistent ghost image of the TV picture. Yeah, baby. I’ve read that that is not only an issue with the 50/1.4 but a common problem with very fast glass. Okay. Just noting this observation here — not complaining, since I knew what i was getting into.

I still wonder if I’d have been happier with the 35/2.

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No Country for Old Men won multiple Oscars last night. Cool.

Boy, the Cohen brothers just didn’t impress me with their warmth up there accepting their Oscars for Best Director[s]. Ick. Oh, well, they still made a fabulous film.

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I saw this last night. It is among the best films I’ve seen, perhaps the best.

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CompUSA is going out of business. I just visited two of their depressingly-understocked stores tonight in Tampa. At the second one — the first had zilch of interest to me — I found a ton of Kensington TurboMouse trackballs (version 7.) Great! Usually about a hundred bucks, these were $40 apiece. I bought two and wished I’d bought more once I got home and spoke to the wife.

This trackball is just great. I’ve wanted one for years but $80-to-$100 was too much for me and I already had a Logitech trackball that was okay.

The best thing about my new TurboMouse is the software. I can change button assignments depending on what application I’m using. Yes!

Edit: Oh, they call it an Expert Mouse now, not a TurboMouse.

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D80 arrived.

The Nikon D80 I bought from Amazon.com Monday night just arrived. Nice. The first surprise is that it’s not as tall as my D70. Good!

Battery arrived with one bar of three on it. Charging it now.

D40 is out of town with Jim for two months so I can’t compare those two directly at the moment. But I can say, compared with the D70, the autofocus of my 50/1.4 is fast. And it wasn’t bad on the D70.

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