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50mm f/1.4 D Nikkor

Adorama credited my credit card last night for the 85mm f/1.8 I returned. They didn’t have the 50mm f/1.4 that I planned to order instead, so I ordered it from B&H. B&H shipped it this morning! Yay!

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I think well while talking. It’s not always the first thing that comes out of my mouth that’s the best, though. Sometimes it’s where the talking leads me, even if I’m monologueing.

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In the morning

In the morning, three days per week, my wife takes our little girl to daycare. She wakes up, gets ready, goes to 7-11 for a coffee and then comes back to wake up, dress and put our little girl in the car. This morning, around 7:35, I got our daugher up instead of us sleeping in and got her ready myself, including brushing her teeth. How non-lazy. How nice.

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I’m amazed how articulate, sensitive and deliberate my daughter is. Naturally, there may be some home team bias, but I’m amazed nonetheless.

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Goodnight, Oly.

I sold my Olympus E-10 via Craigslist today. $195 with a bunch of accessories — a very good deal for the buyer and I’m happy, too. Enjoy it, Dave and Rose.

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I changed my iTunes music ratings/iPod mini 4GB sync algorithm.
Each int is a star count.

– Move 4 to 5
– Move 3 to 4
– Change playlists from 3+ to 4+. This will leave 3 very empty. 3 will become place for “possible for iPod.“

So new rating system is

1: Hate it.
2: It’s okay but I never want it on my small iPod.
3. Stuff I may want on iPod sometimes — move to 4 when I do.
4. Put on iPod.
5. Always on iPod. Not subject to change of state.

I find it interesting to realize that I recently considered my old system of rating to be lacking in granularity. This new system effectively gives me even less fine control over ratings since it basically removes what I used to rate as 4 and moves those into 5. But I think it is definitely an improvement nonetheless.

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I ripped a stack of 33 CDs today.

Current iTunes track count: 7971

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