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Firefox 3.0 beta 1

I just downloaded and installed the OS X version of Firefox 3.0 beta 1.

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Nikon D300

I regularly dream of replacing my D40 body with a D300. But since I’m not presently making any money from photography, I don’t see how I can justify the $1799 price of a D300. Bummer.

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I needed a real FTP client today. Instead of using Directory Opus (a great FTP client but Windows-only) in XP Pro in a Parallels Desktop virtual machine, I wanted an OS X client.

A quick Google search of “os x ftp” found Cyberduck. It’s donationware. I used it. It worked. Feature list on their website is pretty impressive.

If I wind up using it a lot, I’ll likely donate some money.

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WOTD: nous (noos’)

Great word. In Britain, it means shrewdness.

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Dell Vostro 1000

My Dell Vostro 1000 backup notebook arrived today. $399.99 plus tax (no shipping). Good deal.

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The hinge of my MacBook Pro has been loose since about ten seconds after I got the Mac. So I’m finally sending it back for repair. I ordered a replacement box today. It should arrive tomorrow. We’ll see how long it takes to get it fixed.

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Yesterday I took delivery and paid for my new (used) Ocean Kayak brand Zest Two (not EXP model) ~16.5′ lime green tandem sit-on-top kayak. It is in great condition.

The person I bought it from will hopefully find (crossing my fingers but not holding my breath) a set of hully rollers and a saddle for it, too. I bought it for $425 from a nice guy in Homossassa. Found it on craigslist. Great transaction.

Took it out with JZ yesterday from the end of Ozello Road. Good day. After a couple hours of paddling, I expected to be really sore but I’m not.

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