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A Gap in sensibility

I was shooting flash photos of my one-year-old girl in Gap yesterday with my D40. I started snapping them over on the baby side of the store and followed her over into the adult half of the store through the wide connecting corridor. My wife was shopping a few feet from us at this point when a woman representing the store asked me not to shoot photos in the store. I asked why (more than once.) She said it’s “a legality” and offered no other data.

I honored her request and stopped shooting pictures. I made no effort to put my camera away.

Who else has experienced this with any retailers?

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I just ordered this lens from Amazon. It won’t autofocus on my D40 but it’ll probably be a good lens anyway. And for the price of $109.99 it’s not worth waiting and hoping for an AF-S version.

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iPod additions

I bought my wife an iPod Shuffle (blue) as an early anniversary gift. She wanted it. I was excited.

The levels of her CD-ripped MP3s varied enormously. And it looks like Sound Check isn’t supported on the Shuffle.

Enter: iPod Mini

Last weekend (today is Monday) we were visiting my family. I found my youngest brother had a Zune. So I asked him what came of his old 4GB iPod Mini (blue). He said the battery is totally dead. Okay, can I have it? Sure. He gave me the Mini plus a FireWire cable and the 110V A/C adapter it connects to.

I ordered a new battery for $17 from laptopsforless.com. I also got a battery for my 40GB 4G iPod for the same price and got free shipping, saving me $7.00. Good deal!

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18-200 VR

At Adorama’s recommendation, I refused delivery of the 55-200 AF-S Nikkor lens because Nikon announced a VR version of it for $250.

But any 55-200 is really a compromise. What I want is the 18-200 VR. I placed an order for it with RitzCamera.com for $749.99 about a week ago. Free shipping and no sales tax. I hope to receive it in three months.

I’m waiting for Nikon to produce a 50mm f/1.8 AF-S. I need it AF-S so it will autofocus on my D40. I’m not holding my breath. Maybe I should just get a D200.

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SB-400 flash

My birthday gift from my spouse is a Nikon SB-400 bounce-capable flash. It arrived today.

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Today’s word is fastidious. Thanks to Maggie Gyllenhaal in Stranger Than Fiction. What a fine word, indeed.

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I bought this lens just now from Adorama.com for $169.95 plus shipping, totaling $176.90. The same total price as at Amazon.com (who offer it for $176.94 but free Super Saver slow shipping.) I figure this way a) I’ll give some business to Adorama instead of Amazon; and b) I’ll get it a little faster.

See Ken Rockwell’s review and okay reviews from Amazon and Adorama customers.

This lens’ purpose is to hold me over until I can buy this 18-200mm lens without a six-month wait. The 18-200 will be $750 bucks but a) it will keep dust off my CCD since I’ll seldom need to change lenses; b) it will have VR (seemingly useful at 2oomm); c) it will have a slightly wider maximum aperture; d) it will have manual-focus-override-on-demand; e) it will have an easier-to-grab focus ring.

Shooting a lot with this 55-200 will show me which of those 18-200 benefits are really important to me.

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