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I previously wrote about my great deal with Virgin Mobile in June 2004.

I now have an even better deal.

I bought a used, Cingular-branded Treo 650 on eBay for about $260. I paid about $20 to unlock it.

Why is it better? It is cheaper per call. Not exactly cheaper annually (for me) but cheaper per call for sure.

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ChatterEmail (evaluating and loving it)
Docs2Go (free with Treo 650)
KeyCaps600 (really the misnamed 650 version)
LEDOff (free)
Lock Time (free)
PassGen (free)
pTunes Basic
Radio State (free)
SharkMsg (not used yet) (free)
SoftReset (free)
SoundRec (free)
VeriChat (evaluating it) (free)
WatchM (free)

SD Card
BestBuy (free)
Converter (free)
Dir Assist (free)
FileProg (free)
FileZ (free)
FlightStatus (free)
GoogleMaps (free)
HolidayUSA (free)
LEDOff (free)
Minibar (free)
MiniTones (amazing) (free)
Minutes PLUS (free)
Noah Pro (free)
NVBackup (free)
Obfuscate (doesn’t work well for me) (free)
PalmPDF (not really used yet) (free)
pssh (not used) (free)
SharkBtn (free)
SharkMsg (free)
TCPMP (awesome) (free)
Tide Tool (corruption in my region’s maps. Boo hoo.) (free)

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Today I purchased a Garmin C330 GPS from Amazon.com.

I did most of my initial research on this GPS for a friend who wanted a birthday gift for her husband, who is also a friend. This was in August or so.

I found it for her for $400 at CompUSA plus a $100 mail-in rebate, advertised in a Sunday paper insert. As of a month ago, they still hadn’t received the rebate.

About three weeks ago I actually used this GPS in my friend’s SUV. Wow! I was very impressed.

Now it’s time to get one for myself. Amazon has it for $299.99 (no anti-customerrebates) today so I bought it. The lesser model (C320) is okay too but I like having all the maps preloaded and I don’t like the idea of my maps falling out if the SD card gets jostled when its in a rucksack.

This GPS has two big drawbacks: No user-replaceable battery and no lookup or display of coordinates. It’s all address-based for the user.

And this GPS has one big missing feature: It doesn’t read the names of your streets/exits. You have to upgrade one model for that feature. For the price I’m paying, the thing should read to me.

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Low-energy lighting

Reddit turned me onto this article today. That interested me. I googled and found this page.

I immediately loaded the family in the car and took off for Home Depot to buy some compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). They were cheaper than I expected so I bought enough for the entire house.

So far, very nice. We’ll see what it does to my electric bill.

Next step: Turn thermostat on my electric water heater down to low/120^.

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