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Lead, not led

I want to have bigger problems. Specifically, I want to employ others to handle the small stuff. Then I can deal with only the amount of detail I want to. Create layers of survival.

Furthermore, if others’ survival depends on helping me survive, that’s great. That’s part of the employer dynamic.

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Why carry a gun?

Someone who’d considered it himself asked me yesterday why I carry a concealed firearm wherever I go.

I’m used to this question from people who haven’t considered it themselves so I never bothered to formulate a cogent answer.

So yesterday I had to take my position apart and analyze it.

I also carry a knife and I’m not a small man so I have other things going for me in a altercation with a criminal or psycho. I also travel with a heavy flashlight or small aluminum bat to hand.

I prepare for various scenarios and degrees of danger, though I don’t pretend I’m prepared for every eventuality.

I want to cover the gamut. Constant awareness, avoidance, calling for help, voice, fist, knee to groin, fingers into eye sockets, bat/club, breaking bones, cutting and, if it comes to it, firearm to counter an unavoidable, comparable threat to my person or my family.

But to synopsize it: I want to be prepared for anything; and I want to be the most dangerous factor in my environment.

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I was thinking about the unfortunate bloated, overreaching (domestically) state of the U.S. government. It has fallen so far from the goals set forth by its founding fathers in well-known historical documents like the Constitution.

And today I was having conversations with MarkT and ChrisB about the vast control business/corporations have over the United States government.

And I just realized something that may not be a big surprise. The effect of a capitalist state is: Capitalism!

The problem is we have a Republic. Did our founding fathers want corporations to run the goverment? Probably not. Did they put suitable (infallible) safeguards in place to prevent it? In my opinion, no.

What does the Constitution say about capitalism?

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Plumber’s Bag

I bought this leather bag today.

I’ve been courting the idea of buying one for over a year now, since I read about it in some internet article.

Paulette told me, after I ordered, that it was the last one they had.

I’m looking forward to its arrival.

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