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I don’t understand
Why replace the
Unbroken parts

If it aint broke
Don’t fix it,
Just throw it away

It don’t take
A new one to
Replace the shine

Replace your own
This one’s mine.

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I thought I’d write
A song for my daughter
A song I hope
Someday you’ll hear

…. dear

Our problems are few
And hopes are high

Waiting for you to come
Into and bless our lives

I thought I’d give
You a song as my first
Gift to you

Giving me the best gift
Is the first thing you’ll do

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I want a Macintosh iBook laptop. PowerBook would be okay too, but if I’m paying it’ll be an iBook.

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Skype around

I’ve used Skype a little. A week or two ago I purchased a $10 SkypeOut credit. I’m happy with that service. I’m looking forward to it including 911 emergency service.

Right after I bought the Skypeout credit, I bought three months of SkypeIn service (including a telephone number.) So far, that has been pretty good. I’ve missed some calls and voice mail has been at least a little delayed showing up as as a new event in the Skype console, but overall satisfactory for a Beta product. And a good price too.

Best of all: No hidden phone company fees.

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