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Had a nice dinner with Chris and Marr tonight at the Thirsty Marlin. I had the “CHOKER” — a 12″ hot dog. The name was even better than that, but it escapes me.

Driving along with Storm Front playing from my iPod was the highlight of my week.

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Got an Atheros chipset-based 802.11g PCI card working in my desktop machine Sunday. That was painless (after toiling for seven hours Saturday with an 802.11b PCI card that I never did get to work. $60 well spent for the ‘g’ card — no hassle. Thanks, D-Link. It’s a DWL-G520.

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$econd sonogram

My wife got an elective second sonogram today to confirm the baby’s health and gender.

Still a girl, they firmly estimate.

Healthy. Great heart rate. She is 18cm long (confirm with wife) and 1′ 4oz (confirm with wife).

$75 for a little convenience (the gender). I don’t care about that convenience. I don’t want to barrage my child with sonar any more than I absolutely have to confirm her health. Glad that’s over. I had trouble sitting through the first one; I didn’t attend this one.

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Insurance discount

Big day. Almost a month ago I traded my 2001 Honda Accord in for a 2001 Toyota Rav4. I had yet to put it on my insurance as the first time I called their system was down.

Today I sold my R6. Title work all done, the buyer came by to pick it up around 10pm.

While I was on the phone adding the Rav4 to my coverage, I let them know I got married. And I removed the motorcycle from my policy.

All said, using round numbers, my insurance went from $1500+ for 6 months to $590 for six months. What?!? Really. Kee-rist!

At 11:30pm the power went out. It’s fixed now.

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Athlon 64

I’m seriously considering upgrading to an Athlon 64 processor. I found a well-reviewed motherboard on newegg.com for $176.

I wonder if a dual-Athlon 64 setup will give me any substantial benefits.

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Current iPod track count: 2525.

Put a bunch of Sam Cooke on there. Two Wilco albums to see if I like them. And heaven knows what else made up the 300+ new tracks.

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Roman Holiday

We watched Roman Holiday in its entirety on television last night. Great film.

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