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Saltwater dive

I took my first saltwater dives yesterday. Dove off of the Sea Fox, a 50-footer moored at Dunedin Marina. Two dives.

I still need to get my dive data from Shawn for my logbook.

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I’ve come to realize that the thing from which I derive the most joy is my own self-determinism. It’s not what I do with that self-determinism but simply that I can and do exercise it. And, even that, only when I choose to, which resolves to always.

It’s not the fact that I can do X or have item Y or say phrase Z, though there is some pleasure to be derived from those things. It is that I can choose when and whether I will do X or have item Y or say phrase Z. Or not.

It is that understanding which energizes me. And I believe this is a fundamental source of energy for all high-order living things. It is an impulse to create. And I find that impulse is strongest when it comes from inside the individual rather than extrinsically. That’s what gets me up early in the morning and keeps me up late at night. Whatever my passion, it is this self-determinism which drives it, the cleanest, hottest fire of all.

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Gentoo WiFi

Got Wifi running yesterday (Saturday) in Gentoo on my ThinkPad. So I can use the 802.11b wireless card I bought for my Newton 2100 now with my Thinkpad.

Saw H2G2 with A, Chris and Mar. Disappointed.

Got JPilot working with my CLIE on the ThinkPad too. And Plucker is working too, though not tuned and not coordinated with JPilot yet for automatic data updates.

I suspect the FireWire/USB 2.0 combo PC Card I bought on eBay for my ThinkPad will work in Linux. dmesg output looks good.

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