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Signed up for Netflix last night. 3 discs at a time for $17.99/mo.

The first film will by Andrei Rublev, recommended by DennisK.

There’s a note on the Queue page that says, “Most customers add 6-10 movies to their Rental Queue during their first visit.” Our initial queue: 65 films (plus one they didn’t have — Startup.com).

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This is Thursday morning. Tuesday night we watched The Best Years of Our Lives on TCM. What a fabulous movie! Harold Russell, who played Homer:

– Was not an actor prior to this film
– Was discovered by the director who saw him in a documentary (due to his hands)
– Did a great job
– Won two Oscars for his performance: Best supporting actor and an honorary Oscar for being an inspiration for disabled war veterans throughout the U.S., making him the first (and only) actor to receive two Oscars for the same role.

Highly recommended. Five stars.

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Thinkpad T23

I wound up getting a ThinkPad T23 (refurbished) from TigerDirect. It was delivered about a week ago. Details:

Pentium III M 1.2GHz
256MB 144-pin 133MHz SODIMM
40GB hard drive (IBM says the unit only came with a 30GB so the drive might not be warranted)
16MB Savage video
14.1″ 1024×760 TFT LCD
IBM Warranty expires 21 July 2005


$650 plus tax plus 2nd Day shipping. Good thing I got the fast shipping, those two days were tough!

The ‘D’ key was sticky. IBM sent me a replacement keyboard. Took a few keyboards to get it just right. But it seems to be all set as of today. I haven’t installed it yet. Maybe this weekend.

This was funded wholly by the sale of my Sony VAIO Picturebook model PCG-C1VPK on ebay to a fellow in Verona, Italy. I shipped it today. Thanks for buying it. I hope you enjoy it.

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