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Odd schedule

Night before last (Friday), went to O & A’s for her birthday. Stayed until 3am Saturda (yesterday). Those convincing fellows got me to have three shots on my way out the door.

Went right home and to sleep. I didn’t get drunk until I was asleep. Strange feeling.

Woke up okay Saturday morning at 10-something. Actually, not the worst sleep I’ve had this week.

Lost an eBay auction for a ThinkPad T20 PIII 700MHz. Glad I lost it — turned out the very fine print said it failed to boot.

Put my Sony VAIO Picturebook laptop up for auction on eBay. I have my eyes on a ThinkPad T42. The G series are too big and there seem to be very few people running Linux on them. Plus, running Linux on them doesn’t seem as “easy” as on the T series.

Took a nap at 5:17pm. Woke up at 12:14am today (Sunday). I guess I’ll be up for the night.

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What is the purpose of government? To define and enforce limits? To ensure freedoms? To provide safety for the citizenry?

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Current iPod track count: 1870

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We’re house hunting. Saw five places tonight. Two sucked. One was horrible more because of the creepy people living there, though the house also sucked. One was very cute but not amazing.

The last was cute and amazing. It was like a nice, big house in miniature. Very different.

I hope it’ll pass inspection though. It is a little old and rough. But charm? Oy vey!

Looks like CDKB has a house under contract. Good luck. He should blog his home ownership insecurities.

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Slashdot has an article about Maskin, a removable paint-like finish which can be peeled off after use.

Who wants to be the first to posit that the manufacturer/developer of any product with any conceivable criminal application is evil? Like those bastards that make broomsticks.

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