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See this Think Secret article.

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The word of the day is definitely surfeit.

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Feather Linux

One week away from the keyboard and I’m typing extraneous letters.

Right before we went on vacation–really, the night before–I set up a 128MB Memorex USB TravelDrive with Feather Linux. I look forward to playing with it on some systems. Too bad my laptop doesn’t boot from USB devices.

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We returned today from a trip to paradise. Well, someplace nice, at least. I read the Tristan Betrayal by “Robert Ludlum(TM)” and Angels and Devils by Dan Brown. But don’t get the wrong idea: I only read at appropriate times. For example, I almost never read at a table with other people.

How were the books, you ask? Both were quite enjoyable, thanks.

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Dillo on Libretto

Set up Dillo 0.8.3 on the Libretto today. From an RPM. Nice. Went in without a hitch!

There’s a browser with real self-esteem. It knows what it’s for. It doesn’t have designs on the throne; it’s made its OWN throne. It does what it does. And that sure helped me today on my underpowered (shame on me!) little Libby.

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I saw Riddick last Saturday with Marr. Thanks for letting me stay all night and all day, Marr!

Well, my lady saw Riddick today. All I can say is, “Vin Diesel has a spell on her,” because she liked it.

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The Open CD

I was introduced to The Open CD today by a Slashdot article.

The Open CD is a downloadable ISO image containing several Windows versions of Open Source projects, including FireFox, FileZilla, AbiWord and much more.

I’m going to make them stocking stuffers for my Windows-savvy friends and family this season.

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