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Yesterday I built w3m on my Libretto 50.

Today I built w3m on my Windows 2000 box in Cygwin.

I don’t remember the last time I built an app from source for one of these environments.

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Libretto 50 back up

About a dillion years ago (ca. 2000 based on file dates) I succesfully installed RedHat [Gnu/]Linux on my Libretto 50 ultraportable notebook computer.

RedHat is no longer my distribution of choice… but it was a pain to get on there so it’s going to stay awhile.

Well, I took the L50 out of mothballs this weekend with the intention of getting it back into use. My plan was to put Damn Small Linux (DSL) on it but then I realized two things:

– RedHat 7.1 is okay. Why downgrade?

– DSL might not have mutt pre-installed and I might be on my own getting it built. Unacceptable.

So I decided to get RH7.1 another chance on this wonderful little notebook. The only problem remaining was that I never got a network card working in it.

So I tried my 3Com PCMCIA NIC. It worked on the first boot. Hmmm… maybe I only tried my Linksys WiFi card back in 2000.

Next thing: install FVWM. I was ready to install from source when I found an RPM. Worked great, with just a little taste of dependency hell. (I don’t miss RedHat but Gentoo is out of the question for this underpowered little darling–I refuse to put a source distro on it.)

FVWM… working!

Firefox… dependency hell… forget it for now.

mutt… already installed!

So today I brought the L50 to work. I didn’t get it to see the office network yet. Maybe later in the week.

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Her digicam

Hell froze over! My lady got a digital camera! And I didn’t have to twist her arm; it was her idea.

She got a Nikon Coolpix 3200. I’m impressed. Its pictures are way better than the consistently fuzzy shots I got with the Coolpix 2100 which I returned as fast as I could. The 2100 was probably defective.

The 3200 takes crisp shots; holds 2 AA batteries; has 14MB of built-in memory; supports SD media; has a cute TV-output cable; and best of all it is cute small. She loves it. Nice package for $200.

Now I need to sell her Nikon N65 35mm SLR. No problem.

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St Augustine

Spent the Thanksgiving holiday (Thursday and Friday) in St Augustine. Loaded up the Garmin III Plus GPS with maps of the appropriate counties, plotted a route for the first time and we got there on the first try.

Had an excellent two days. Saw my uncle’s boat for the first time. Took a few photos.

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Self indulgence

I was just reading the titles of my most recent half-dozen blog entries and I must say: those titles really interest me! How self-indulgent.

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School of Hard Rocks

We went to the Hard Rock Cafe casino on the indian reservation last night. Left around 11pm, got home around 3:30am today (Sunday). Just woke up.

Here’s the breakdown:

Went with $26

Got $100 cash on the way

Spent $60 (me); and

$30 (her).

At my peak, I was up $165 and change.

Then I lent Oscar $13 on my $165 ticket, which he lost.

Then I kept playing $15 bets until I was broke. Nice.

She left with $65 from her $30, so her net was $35.

I left with $13 so my net was -$50.

While we were there someone hit $4000 on a “Double Diamond” machine on a $15 bet. Fun.

No roulette. =(

No blackjack. =|

Nickel slots were really minimum 9 nickels ($0.45). Rip off. She played those all night and did great!

I’d like to check the odds on the various machines and decide which ones I want to play based on that.

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I’m getting so used to navigating around with single-key shortcuts in mutt, it’s affecting my use of other applications I use! The other day, I caught myself trying unsuccessfully trying to close my ICQ client chat window by pressing ‘q’.

Oh, mutt, you’re changing my patterns!

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