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Received my BMG order today: 7 CDs.

Ripped three: Coldplay, The Cure and Bob Dylan.

Current iPod track count: 1248

My Future Sonics EM3 headphones arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Spending Friday night with Pop for his birthday.

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Finished Red Rabbit

Finished Tom Clancy’s Red Rabbit on CD->MP3->iPod a few days ago. Nice book. I’m a big fan now of books on CD. Knocked out one (abridged) novel in just a few evenings.

One perhaps oft-overlooked benefit of books on CD: You can “read” them in the dark, so your significant other doesn’t have to stay up with you and you don’t have to read in the living room.

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Went to the Library today. Picked up numerous books on CD:

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stphen R. Covey

Red Rabbit, Tom Clancy

How Ronald Reagan Changed my Life, Peter Robinson

The Darwin Awards 3, Wendy Northcutt

Real Estate Riches, Dolf DeRoos

Shark Trouble, Peter Benchley

Ripped two of them to MP3 and transferred to my iPod.

Also ripped some CDs including Dido’s No Angel.

Current iPod track count: 1178.

Had a lonely dinner at Pizza Hut with a $2.99 salad bar (score!), accompanied by Tim Dorsey’s Florida Roadkill with cameos by Carl Hiassen and Dave Barry.

I wish I had gone to dinner and movies with A. and her mom. =(

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A nice guy on the quattro@audifans.com mailing list (whom I have never met) sent me a Gmail invitation. Thanks, Emre!

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Gone fishin’

My other Camaro is a Jesus.

Went fishing tonight. Stocked at a scary bait shop with a backed-up toilet. Staccato bites all over my legs, cried out like a little girl when the biggest mosquito I’ve ever seen landed on my hand. I could only stand the flying vermin for about an hour.

Didn’t catch anything, but watched the people around us pull in some saltwater catfish. Threw away the majority of three dozen (huge) dead medium shrimp. Fouled my line but good twice in a row.

All in all, had a great time! I definitely recommend fishing on Tuesdays. Try it sometime.

Didn’t add any songs to the iPod.

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More rippins

Ripped two more albums:

– 8 Mile movie soundtrack (for Eminem’s Lose Yourself)

– Soulfound’s Tomorrow Can Wait.

Current iPod song count: 1086

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Signed up for the audifans.com Quattro electronic mailing list. Busy list. Messages started coming in immediately. Ah, community.

They have lists for other Audi models as well. Check out the list of available mailing lists.

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