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I refinanced my car and my motorcycle today. On a referral from my friend Joel Camery, who is an excellent, trustworthy car dealer, I brought my business to Florida Central Credit Union. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did.

Have you ever fully trusted the intentions of someone who was offering you a loan? Really? We’ll I trust both Jo and Michelle at FCCU.

Have you ever felt hunted and lied to when financing a car? Well, I did NOT feel that way today at FCCU.

Have you ever applied for a loan, gotten a great rate in the first place (no negotiations) and still felt great about it by the time you got home? We’ll, today FCCU did better: They made me feel great about two rates (car and bike). I’m already home and I still feel this way.

I’ve got a new family. And I’m moving all my bank accounts from AmSouth Bank to FCCU. I know who to trust and now have, corny as it may seem, a little more community in my life. My money is in good hands.

Here is some contact information for Florida Central Credit Union. I wish I could do more:

Michelle or Jo

Florida Central Credit Union

1499 S Belcher Rd (NE corner of 142nd Ave N and Belcher Rd)

Largo, FL



(727) 535-0400






ATM available


Safe Deposit Boxes

And Joel Camery, who connected me with my new financial friends and who is equally worthy of trust, can be reached at:

Joel Camery

The Carfather

Ulmerton Road Automotive

9445 Ulmerton Rd

Largo, FL



Phone: (727) 687-0586

Fax: (727) 559-7863

Mobile: (727) 423-5669


M-F 10a-6p

Sat 10a-4p

Sun [Closed]

Joel has never let me down and I take every opportunity to recommend him to friends.

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20040616 (just getting started)

Today (getting good)

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Having a good time and much success running FVWM. I used to run XFCE. It was nice, but FVWM is more hardcore.

– What is FVWM?

Why use FVWM?

– What is a window manager?

– What is XFree86?

– What is X.org?

– What is X Windows?

– What are some other window managers?

Thanks to taviso for the thread that got me started with FVWM.

Thanks to ikaro for the .fvwm2rc that got me started, plus his detailed response to my large list of emailed questions.

At least in the Gentoo community, taviso and ikaro seem to be the undisputed champioins of FVWM proselytization.

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I bet heroin tastes like baby shit. But nobody cares.

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Picked up a nail in my R6’s new Metzeler Sportec M1 rear tire about two weeks ago. About to leave for work one Monday, pulled it out of the garage and it felt low and mushy. It was LOW.

Two weeks of bumming rides to work.

Got it patchplugged today by Alex of:


2167 Drew St

Clearwater, FL 33765


While I was there, I bought a slightly-used Metzeler Sportec M1 front tire to replace my aging Dunlop 208. Gene hooked me up with a good deal. I also bought a pair of blue stand spools, which Gene sandblasted and installed at no extra charge while I waited.

So for your motorcycle service needs, give Gene and Alex a call. They also sell used bikes. Nice couple of guys who know their business.

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Looks like in the last 24 hours my ISP (Earthlink via Time Warner/Brighthouse) in Tampa Bay has disabled port 80 (HTTP) on my home cable modem.

I host a low-volume website for a friend of mine.

I tried port 8080, but it didn’t work. So I moved him to port 8079.

One of the things that gets forgotten in this electronic age is that a single button press in a central office in Missoula can affect thousands or hundreds of thousands of customers across the country.

This service was disconnected without any notice to me, the account holder. I was not consulted nor notified beforehand. And I was not notified afterwards. The only notice I did receive, loosely speaking, is the cessation of the service on this port. That is, in my opinion as an Earthlink/Brighthouse customer in good standing, inadequate.

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The Insider

Go see The Insider.

Whew! Saw it on tape 20040609 (two days ago). Amazing movie! I enjoyed it on the whole better than The Contender, which is also a great movie.

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